Jekyll Posts and bash

Finding a way to automate the process of creation post, i found some interesting resources in the internet like scripts in bash.

Now the process is more simple and easier. Just type in the terminal

Script in action

And Voilá!

layout: post
title: test1
date: enero 11 23:49:58
author: drog

  - tag
  - tag2
  - tag3


The script


# 'builtin cd' into the local jekyll root

builtin cd "$JEKYLL_LOCAL_ROOT/_posts/"

# Get the date for the new post's filename

FNAME_DATE=$(date "+%Y-%m-%d")

# Get the title for the new post

read -p "Enter title of the new post: " POST_TITLE

read -p "Enter tags of the new post (separated by spaces): " POST_TAGS

# Convert the spaces in the title to hyphens for use in the filename

FNAME_POST_TITLE=`echo $POST_TITLE | tr ' ' "-"`

# Convert title to lowercase
# --

FNAME_POST_TITLE="`echo ${FNAME_POST_TITLE} | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'`"

# Now, put it all together for the full filename


# And, finally, create the actual post file. But we're not done yet...

touch "$FNAME"

# Write a little stuff to the file for the YAML Front Matter

echo "---" >> $FNAME

echo "layout: post" >> $FNAME

# Echo the original post title to the YAML Front Matter header

echo "title: $POST_TITLE" >> $FNAME

# Now we have to get the date, again. But this time for in the header (YAML Front Matter) of
# the file

YAML_DATE=$(date "+%B %d %X")

# Echo the YAML Formatted date to the post file

echo "date: $YAML_DATE" >> $FNAME

echo "author: $AUTHOR" >> $FNAME

echo >> $FNAME

echo "tags:" >> $FNAME  
for tag in $POST_TAGS; 
    do echo "  - $tag" >> $FNAME; 

# Close the YAML Front Matter Header
echo >> $FNAME
echo "---" >> $FNAME
echo >> $FNAME

# Open the file in your favorite editor



Then add a alias to your .bashrc or .zshrc
alias post='~/.scripts/'

And enjoy! $ post