Jekyll Posts and bash

Finding a way to automate the process of creation post, i found some interesting resources in the internet like scripts in bash.

Now the process is more simple and easier. Just type in the terminal

Script in action

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Reduce the size of Bootstrap with Gulp

Initially bootstrap vanilla (without modifications) with font-awesome uses in total 924k!!.
After some modifications in the css and javascript got 700kb. An 224 kb less corresponding to 24.25% less of size.

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Archlinux config

All steps i reproduced to set my Archlinux config. You can find all the config files and system configuration files for my Archlinux to set up a nice environment for development and daily use.

Table of Contents

Config files
Xfce4 Config
nVidia Optimus Bumblebee
linux-ck Brain Fuck Scheduler (BFS)
Packages for programming
Sublime Text 3 config
Power managment
Firewall Configuration
Better Fonts with Infinality fonts
Source of all files

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Hello World!

Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I decided create my blog in github to practice with git, learn some aspects of ruby with jekyll and for fun.

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